Alternative Dispute Resolution

Posted on: January 19th, 2014 by LCubed Administrator

Alternative Dispute (ADR) is the general term for the various ways in which disputes can be resolved without litigation.

ADR falls broadly into two categories; determinative (commercial or family law arbitration or expert determination) or non-determinative (mediation).  Simply put, in determinative forms of ADR, a decision is reached by the convener which is legally binding to all parties.  In non-determinative ADR, the process focuses on assisting the parties to come to a mutual agreement to resolve the dispute.



About Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution refers to the process of resolving disagreements between parties, in particular where an outcome is required to determine next steps.

Dispute resolution covers many forms both judicial and non-judicial and varies between an agreement reached by negotiation or a ruling by an appropriately empowered third party.

Judicial Dispute Resolution takes the form of litigation and this is in the province of the Courts.

This site focusses on non-judicial or ‘Alternative’ Dispute Resolution (ADR).